Find of the Month Information


Rules for Displaying

Eligibility WCPTHA. Pick a display flag, #1 to #30, to place on your display.
Enter your name and display number on the sign in sheet.
Fill out entry form completely. Sign your name on the line with your flag number.
First timers circle your name or your display number.
Family members must display separately.
Display anything found in the last month that was not a gift.
Label each of your best finds in the six available categories.
Please use "for display only" flags on interesting items not shown for voting.
Entrants must stand behind display during prize awards.


Six categories
1. Best Gemstone
2. Best Gold/Precious Metals
3. Best Silver
4. Best U. S. Coin
5. Best Foreign Coin
6. Best Faux or Most Unique

Hand in your form before break to be eligible for "Find of the Month" prizes.  Write in your Name, Flag Number, WCPTHA member number and detector used.  Time permitting, enter your coin counts and briefly describe your best find for each category PLACE FORM UNDER BALLOT BOX.


Winners are asked to say a few words about their finds.
Displayers receiving the most votes for each category wins a Silver Half Dollar.
One Silver Dime will be awarded for non-winning Displayers or two Silver Dimes for first time Displayers not winning a Silver Half Dollar or not displaying in the last 12 months.
Voters may request affirmation.


Each of your July to June display activities are ticketed for an annual drawing for a free single or family dues for the year.

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