February 21, 2016 Monthly Hunt At Bolsa Chica Beach

Thank you Ralph Crowther for stepping in at the last minute and putting on a great hunt. There were 18 hunters and 1 guest there. The weather was beautiful and everyone enjoyed the hunt. Below are some pictures from the hunt.

DSC01943_800x600 DSC01942_800x600 DSC01940_800x600 DSC01937_800x600 DSC01934_800x600 DSC01932_800x600 DSC01928_800x600 DSC01927_800x600 DSC01925_800x600 DSC01923_800x600 DSC01921_800x600 DSC01920_800x600 DSC01919_800x600 DSC01916_800x600 DSC01912_800x600 DSC01909_800x600 DSC01961_800x600 DSC01960_800x600 DSC01958_800x600 DSC01957_800x600 DSC01955_800x600 DSC01954_800x600 DSC01953_800x600 DSC01952_800x600 DSC01951_800x600 DSC01949_800x600 DSC01948_800x600 DSC01947_800x600 DSC01946_800x600

 And the last picture we saved for "The End"


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