June Meeting Reminder

Just a reminder that the meeting on June 8th is a special meeting, it’s our 32nd anniversary and we're celebrating by having hot dogs, chili, chips, coffee, sodas and cake for dessert.

We will also be voting for our new Board of Directors. So far on the ballot we have Lora Persgard for president, Jose Marquez for Vice President, Ralph Crowther for Treasurer, Rosie Duysings for Secretary, Dan Perrone for Public Relation, Pat Perrone for Ways and Means, Art Duysings, Bob Ketchum and Troy Everett for Member at Large.

Dan Perrone

Voting for Officers 2016

If you are considering running for the Board of Directors for the coming year please read the following for a description of the position you are running for. The positions are:  President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Public Affairs Director, Ways and Means Chairperson, Immediate past President and two Members at Large (if no immediate past President then three Members at Large).


Article IV
Officers, Board of Directors and Committees

Section 1. The officers of the club shall be the President, the Vice President, the Secretary and the Treasurer.

Section 2. The Board of Directors shall consist of nine members:  President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Ways and Means Chairperson, Public Affairs Director, the immediate Past President and two Members at Large.

Section 1. President

A. The President shall be the chief executive officer of the Club and shall have general supervision over the business and affairs of the Club. The President shall see that all orders and resolutions of the Board of Directors and/or general membership are effected and that all officers, directors and chairpersons perform their duties as prescribed in these Bylaws.

B. It shall be the duty of the President to preside at all regular general membership meetings, regular Board of Directors meetings, special board meetings and any other meeting where the business of the club is discussed and would require his/her presence.

C. The President shall appoint from the general membership all committee chairpersons as well as persons to fill any other position deemed necessary by the Board of Directors.

D. The President shall be ex-officio a member of all committees with a voice and vote at all meetings of such committees except the nominating committee.

E. The President shall coordinate with, and provide Information and support to, the positions listed in Section 1D.

F. The President shall have no powers other than those defined in the Constitution and these Bylaws, except those granted by the general membership as deemed necessary.

Section 2. Vice President

A. The Vice President shall be vested with all of the powers of the President and in the event of the President's absence shall be required to perform all the duties of the President

B. The Vice President shall coordinate with, and provide Information and support to, any committee appointees, chairpersons and other board members as requested by the President.

Section 3. Secretary

A. The Secretary shall keep full minutes of all Club meetings.  These shall include all regular and special board meetings as well as general membership meetings.

B. The Secretary shall have the right to record the minutes in any manner he/she chooses, including the use of tape or video recorders, at any meetings in which Club business is being conducted. The members shall be advised if electronic recorders are to be used.

C. The Secretary shall act as clerk and will count and record the results of any votes taken at the meetings listed in Section 3A.

D. The Secretary shall keep all ballots from a written vote for a period of thirty days. Such ballots shall be open to recount and validation by any member in good standing upon request and reasonable notice.

E. The Secretary shall submit the minutes of each general membership meeting to the Webmaster in a timely manner for publication in the Web Site. If the minutes are not received in time for publication the Secretary shall read the minutes at the following membership meeting.

F. The Secretary shall keep records, make reports and prepare such correspondence as requested by the President, the Board of Directors or the general membership.

G. The Secretary must turn over to the successor in that office all books, records, papers, correspondence and mechanical or recording devices which are the property of the Club, and the successor shall take receipt thereof.

H. The minutes of the Board of directors meeting shall be available to members in good standing upon request and reasonable notice.

Section 4. Treasurer

A. The Treasurer shall keep full and accurate records, in conformance with general accepted accounting principles, of all receipts and disbursements in a manner approved by the Board of Directors. Record keeping books and materials shall be provided by, and belong to, the Club.

B. The Treasurer shall, at the beginning of his/her term, do the following:

1. Obtain new signature cards for bank accounts.
2. Have the appropriate officers sign the checks.
3. Return the cards to the bank.
4. Change the checking account address to his/her own address or to the Club Post Office Box.

C. The Treasurer shall deposit all monies received by the Club, in the name of the Club, in any bank or depository designated by the Board of Directors. If not so designated, the Treasurer may select a bank or depository which is convenient to the Treasurer.

D. The Treasurer shall make reports and fill out forms as requested by the Board of Directors and/or the general membership and submit such forms or reports as required to local, state and federal agencies.

E. The Treasurer shall prepare, or cause to be prepared, annual Federal and State tax returns and shall upon approval of the Board of Directors, submit such returns to the appropriate agendas.

F. The Treasurer shall reconcile all bank statements for accounts containing Club funds which shall then be approved.

G. The Treasurer shall file the required Club papers and documents and shall be the designated person for the process of service.

H. The Treasurer shall furnish the Webmaster with a monthly financial statement for publication in the Web Site. If the financial statement is not published in that month's web site the Treasurer will read the statement at the next general meeting.

I. The Treasurer shall collect all monies due the club at each general membership meeting from anyone in possession of Club funds. A receipt is to be given to each person with a duplicate retained for club records.

J. The Treasurer shall disburse an appropriate sum of money and/or prizes each month to the Monthly Drawing chairperson, the Refreshment chairperson and the Field Trip chairperson for their respective needs in providing a monthly drawing and refreshment at the general meeting and prizes for coin hunts during the monthly outings.

K. The Treasurer shall issue checks as approved by the Board of Directors.

L. The Treasurer shall direct the finance committee to prepare a budget for the next fiscal year and present it to the Board of Directors at the June Board of Directors meeting. The budget shall then be presented at the June general membership meeting for ratification by the membership. No further funds may be dispensed by the Treasurer, except for hall rent and taxes, until the budget is approved by the general membership.

M. The Treasurer shall provide a financial report each month covering the Year to Date expenses,

N. The Treasurer shall turn over to the successor in that office all club books, records, papers, correspondence and mechanical or electronic devices and the successor shall take receipt thereof.

Section 1. Public Affairs Director

The Public Affairs Director is largely responsible for the public view of the activities of the club and shall:

A. Publish a monthly newsletter, the Grubstake.

B. Publish an Internet site for the club.

C. Determine the pricing schedule for subscriptions and advertising; all monies received shall be turned over to the Club Treasurer.

D. Submit press releases as appropriate.

E. Prepare, maintain and provide Brochures, Business Cards, Banners, Signs and Logos.

F. Maintain a complete list of all individuals and organizations that receive a copy of the Grubstake by mail or email.

G. Appoint, from the general membership, persons to be responsible for: newsletter editor; circulation and advertising for the club newsletter, webmaster and photographer.

Section 7. Ways and Means Chairperson

A. The Ways and Means chairperson shall coordinate any fund raising projects which are approved by the Board of Directors.

B. The Ways and Means chairperson shall make reports as requested by the President or Board of Directors.

June Meeting

The meeting on June 8th is a special meeting, it’s our 32nd anniversary celebration. We will celebrate by having hot dogs, chips, Jose’s famous chili, coffee and sodas and to top it off Rosie is bringing an anniversary cake for dessert.

We will also be voting in our new Board of Directors. So far on the ballot we have Lora Persgard for president, Jose Marquez for Vice President, Ralph Crowther for Treasurer, Rosie Duysings for Secretary, Bob Ketchum and Dan Persgard for Member at Large. We still need at least one more for Member at Large and one for Ways and Means. Please let one of the current board members know if there is someone you want on the ballot (if they are willing) or if you would like to put yourself on the ballot. If there is someone you would like to see on the ballot but don’t know if they would accept and you don’t want to ask them, please email me at webmasterdan@westcoasters.org , and I’ll look into it.

Make sure to come to the July 13th meeting because it is also going to be a special meeting. It’s still in the planning stages but it will be fun. More to come on that later.

May 21, 2016 Annual pot luck lunch and white elephant bingo

The May hunt is at Irvine Park in Orange on May 21st at 10:30am

Every year our club meets for an outing in Irvine Park. Ralph Crowther is the huntmaster. When you get to the park, go straight through the gates and follow the road around to the right (don’t take the first right turn). Park in the first lot on the right and we will be across the street in the big grassy area.  The hunt is at 10:30am followed by a pot luck lunch so bring a dish to share. After lunch we will play white elephant bingo. Bring a wrapped gift for a bingo card or you can buy one for $3. This is always a well attended outing so come and join in on the tradition.

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