Carbon Canyon Hunt 8-21-16

The Carbon Canyon hunt was great, the huntmaster was great, the cooks were great, the food was great, the weather was great, the people were great, need I say more, it was a great hunt.

Below are a few pictures.

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Annual Hot Dog Hunt

Don’t forget that this Sunday, July 24th, is our Annual Hot Dog Hunt, at Huntington State Beach by Magnolia Ave. The hunt will be at 10:30am. Bruce Gentner is the huntmaster. Hot dogs with condiments will be served after the hunt. Bring your own drinks, chairs, umbrella or canopy. You can also bring a side dish of potato salad, chips or anything else you want to share with everyone else. Remember to bring your metal detecting equipment , sunscreen, hats, etc.

Member Appreciation Night

Remember that the meeting this Wednesday, July 13, is our annual membership appreciation night. Any club member wearing clothing, including hats, that has our logo or club name will be given a raffle ticket for silver rounds and silver half dollars.

Jose will be making a Belgian Waffle topped with vanilla ice cream, strawberry’s and whipped cream for dessert.

June Meeting Reminder

Just a reminder that the meeting on June 8th is a special meeting, it’s our 32nd anniversary and we’re celebrating by having hot dogs, chili, chips, coffee, sodas and cake for dessert.

We will also be voting for our new Board of Directors. So far on the ballot we have Lora Persgard for president, Jose Marquez for Vice President, Ralph Crowther for Treasurer, Rosie Duysings for Secretary, Dan Perrone for Public Relation, Pat Perrone for Ways and Means, Art Duysings, Bob Ketchum and Troy Everett for Member at Large.

Dan Perrone

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