Club Hunt at Calico

The club hunt at Calico was a great success. There were 23 hunters, some came for the day and others brought their RV's and spent the weekend at the KOA campground. After the hunt there was an impromptu pot luck lunch which was highlighted by Jose's homemade chili.

Below are some pictures of the hunt.  Thank you to Dan Persgard for taking the pictures.

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Meeting 1-14-15

The membership drive was very successful at the January meeting with over half of our members signing up. Remember you can sign up at any meeting or hunt. You can also print the form online and send it to Pat Perrone, our membership chairperson.

Ralph Crowther talked about and showed some online information about the new Fisher F-19 metal detector. Ralph has one and will be trying it out and reporting back to us on what he thinks about it.

Ralph awarded Dan and Pat Perrone the "Members of the Year award.

Below are some pictures taken by Troy Everett.

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President’s Message

Happy New Year!

I wish everyone a prosperous new year with good health so that you may get out there and make some great finds.  Last year was capped off with a great Christmas party with plenty of food, good company and prizes for many.  Thanks to Squeek and her crew of helpers for pulling off another great event.

Your board and Rendezvous committee is getting the hunt flyer ready for publication.  You should see it on the website in another week.  We are looking for all the help we can get.  We need some new faces to help run the hunts and everyone is expected to help with planting the fields.  Much more to come on Rendezvous over the next couple of months.

I acquired a new Fisher F19 metal detector for relic hunting.  It has a couple of interesting features that I will demonstrate at the January 14th meeting.  Also don't forget to bring in your displays of finds from November and December.

We have a field trip outside the immediate area this month (Calico Ghost town) which is something we haven't done for years.  With gas prices down I would hope that many of you make the trek and enjoy a day out in the dessert.

Another reminder that January also begins the new membership year and dues are now due.

Happy Hunting!


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