The Metal Detecting Code of Ethics

Just a few simple guidelines we try to hunt by

1.Try to avoid plugging, but if you you absolutely must, ALWAYS fill your holes.
2. Limit your digging tools to a probe, a knife or a small serrated trowel when searching parks, schools or other public property.
3. Leave your searching area cleaner then you found it by removing the trash you find.
4. When detecting the beach fill ANY holes which may endanger joggers or others.
5. Obtain permission before searching any privately owned property.
6. Be a friendly and courteous ambassador for the West Coast Prospectors and Treasure Hunters Association.


Diamond and Gold Testing

Bring your Diamonds and Gold to our monthly meeting and get them tested to see if your diamonds are real and test your gold for karat count.

Monthly Meetings

General meetings are held on the 2nd. Wednesday of each month at 7:30PM at the Garden Grove Women's Club at 9501 Chapman Ave. in Garden Grove, CA.


What Are You Looking For?

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